EPS housing insulation

The most common uses of EPS housing insulation are the following:

  1. EPS inside insulation, beneath plaster or gipsum
  2. EPS outside insulation, beneath plaster or acrylic based plaster
  3. EPS foundation insulation
  4. EPS foundation insulation for floor slabs.
  5. EPS sound insulation
  6. EPS outdoors insulation with mineral wool, sandwich
  7. EPS floor insulation for heating elements
  8. EPS floor insulation for appartment buildings
  9. EPS roof insulation for concrete lofts with raised roof
  10. EPS roof insulation for flat roofs
  11. Various specialised building elements

We also offer other types of insulation to use in the bulding industry:

  1. XPS, (Extruded Polystyrene), mainly for roofs and foundations
  2. PE sound insulation ribbons for floor sound insulation
  3. PE winter mats for covering new concrete during frost
  4. Various other specialized products for the Icelandic building industry


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