Foundation floor slab insulation

Most common sizes

prnr.: PL25-16 to PL200-16

Thickn. Size Product nr. Packaging m2
50 1000x3000 PL50-16    
75 1000x3000 PL75-16    
75 1000x3000 PL75-25    
100 1000x3000 PL100-16    
200 1000x3000 PL200-16    

Conventional size is 1000x3000 mm in the thickneses stated above.

Please take into consideration that as the density of the insulation increases, the more its resistance to long term pressures does to. The same applies to the thickness. The thicker the insulation is the more insulative it is.

Most common places of use is under foundation floor slabs and where there is a great requirement for moisture resistance and high insulative value.

Densities are 16 kg/m3, 20 kg/m3 and 25 kg/m3 but others avaliable upon request.