Most common sizes

prnr.: in10-16 to in250-16

Thickn. Size Product nr. Packagning m2
25 500x1000 IN25-16 20 plates 10
50 500x1000 IN50-16 15 plates 7,5
75 500x1000 IN75-16 10 plates 5
100 500x1000 IN100-16 8 plates 4
125 500x1000 IN125-16 6 plates 4

The most common size is 500x1000 mm. Thickness varies in 5 mm increments, from 10mm and up to 500mm, i.e. 10, 15, 20mm etc.

Density is 16 kg/m3, also available in other densities upon request.

We also offer soft plastic "dýflur" for positioning the insulation on the wall. By using this method the equivilant sound insulation to that of mineral wool can be reached.

Main use: on exterior-condrete with high demands on insulation.