Foundation insulation

Most common sizes

prnr.: SÖ50-16 to SÖ100-25

Thickn. Size Product nr. Packaging m2
50 500x3000 SÖ50-16    
75 500x3000 SÖ75-16    
100 500x3000 SÖ100-16    

Conventional size is 500x3000 mm. Thickness varies in 5 mm increments, from 10mm and up to 500mm, i.e. 10, 15, 20mm etc.

Density is 16 kg/m3, 20 kg/m3 and 25 kg/m3 but others avaliable upon request.

Main use: Insulation of basements and foundations where there is a great requirement for resistance to pressure and moisture. Can be used on the inside as well as the outside