EPS packaging

In essence the raw material for the production of EPS packaging is the same as that for EPS housing insulation with the exception of the beads used in housing insulation being generally a fraction larger. Expanded material or Pre-expanded material as we like to call it, is placed in a mould and then subjected to steaming, cooling and vacuum. The result is an item consisting of hundreds or thousand of small EPS beads tightly bonded together with shape of the mould they were placed in. This could be a tray, a box or a bicycle helmet.

Please note that our product numbers describe the shape of the packaging, i.e. a box of product number 604013 is 60 cm long, 40 cm in width and 13 cm in height. This measurement does not however include the lid so one should add 2-2.5 cm to arrive at the total height of the box with lid on top.

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