Outside cladding system

Most common thickness

vrnr.: Utan100-16

Þykkt Stærð Vörunúmer Pökkun m2
100 600x1000 Utan100-16 36 plötur 21,6

This insulation is a glued sandwich of 75mm conventional EPS insulation and 25mm thick mineral wool. The mineral wool faces the outside convective side acting as a fire retardant. When houses are insulated from the outside using a cladding system, a formidable wheather protection is achieved independent of the structural elements of the house. Convection does not affect the insulative properties of the EPS insulation so this sandwich panel is a good choice for insulation is these circumstances as there is no need for an additional layer of wind or convection protection. This saves both time and material.

The main benefits are:

  • Insulation and cladding system form a wheather barrier
  • Outside wall dries quickly
  • The temperatures of the concrete rises, thermal fluctuations become insignificant and inside temperatures are more constant.
  • Structural elements of the wall/house remain intact during the whole lifespan of the house
  • No cold bridges

This type of insulation can also be used inside if there is a requirement for improved sound insulation. The mineral wool then faces the concrete wall. Results from tests made by Icelandic Building Research Institute, show that this is type of insulation is a formidable option if great sound insulation is required