Floor-sound insulation

Most common sizes

prnr.: HLJ-20 to HLJ-50

Thickn. Size Product nr. Packaging m2
20 500x1000 HLJ-20 20 plates 10
25 500x1000 HLJ-25 20 plates 10
30 500x1000 HLJ-30 20 plates 10
40 500x1000 HLJ-40 15 plates 7,5
50 500x1000 HLJ-20 15 plates 7,5

Sound insulation for floors is made by using EPS of extreme low density which is subsequently pressed to achieve the sound insulative properties. Tempra is the only company in Iceland which makes EPS sound insulation. We recommend using floor heating in conjunction with EPS sound insulation and by this achieving a twofold purpose, sound insulation and good economics of heating.

Sound insulaton is mainly used between floors in reinforced concrete appartment building and in office housing.